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With USB for RDP, you can use any USB device on a remote computer, as if the device was plugged directly into the remote PC
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8 January 2015

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Works with virtually any USB device
USB for RDP is compatible with most of USB devices.
It includes Printers, Scanners, Dongles, MP3 players, Flash Drives... and you can also verify it by downloading our free trial!
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Easy to set up and use
USB for RDP installation is very straightforward and requires only a few clicks.
First, install USB for RDP on the computer where your USB device is plugged and "Share" it.
Then, install USB for RDP on the computer where you want to use this USB device and "Connect" to it.
That's it! You can now remotely access and use your USB device as if it was plugged directly into the second computer!
Driver-free solution
USB for RDP can share USB devices without their specific device drivers.
You do not have to install them on the computer where the USB device is plugged, only on the target computer where you want to use it.
Fast and Secure communications
USB for RDP is built on Microsoft Virtual Channels technology.
It uses the advanced encryption and highly efficient compression of the RDP connection for transferring USB data both fast and securely.
Automatic Plug and play
USB for RDP will detect and automatically redirect any newly plugged-in USB device.
Once shared, a device can be unplugged and plugged-in at wish: it will be automatically connected every time it is plugged-in.
You will very quickly forget about USB for RDP, and work without distraction!

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